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Back from the covid fog......

Long ago and far away, I was writing on this blog to keep in touch with past guests and to let potential guests glean an understanding into what the Gufler Mansion is all about. I then fell into a covid fog and for some reason have declared as of today, the fog has cleared and I am back writing once again. Everyone has a covid story and now you know mine: conscience, fogged out, conscience again with many memories blurred or gone..

The Gufler Mansion has survived. Our "no penalty" cancellation policy served many potential guests well. During the last 3 years as guest visits, wedding plans, family reunions etc. all scheduled, cancelled, rescheduled (repeat a few more times) we rolled with the pain of changes and believe most of the catch up is over. Several weddings ended up being for show and a party as many couples quietly married during the pandemic without a gathering. Later, they had a ceremony for their family and friends but the rings were already exchanged and on their fingers..

As of today, we have more weekends booked at this time of year for 2023 than any previous year. I toured a future bride for a 2024 wedding last night and she has only two weekends left to pick from in June of 2024. Seems that what we are doing is working for our community of friends needing the mansion and we are happy to serve.

Biggest news for the mansion is new employees. Susan is graduating in May with her Masters in Psychology and is no longer able to run the mansion business as she has done since our humble beginning in 2016. We now have a full time general manager, a full time house supervisor, and a part time cook along with several on call people who come to help. I am more involved now with the moving parts that comes with having employees to manage and carrying the founders responsibility to keep our culture healthy that has been with us from the beginning.

Come see us and lets catch up...........


A fall dinner party for 55 showing off the new lighting over the wedding platform and in the foreground, cannas peaking out of the sunken garden..


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