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Empty nesters syndrome

One of the most frequent conversations we have with people as the tour, stay overnight or come to an event is about how we can have people we don't know in our house much of the time. We generally give some bland answer about how we like to share. (unless they are in my chair with my coffee cup...) I have thought about it more and it could be that our teenage children prepared us for having people we don't know with unpredictable behaviors in our house and we liked the surprises that resulted. The kids have now all left and the empty nest syndrome could be to blame. Like the guy sleeping on the outside porch this morning. All I could tell from my view peeking out the window is he is still wearing "wedding clothes" and seemed to be getting a good rest as the sun rose and illuminated his bed. Surprise! The other theory is we knew going into the purchase of the house and all the furnishings that we would be sharing everything and since the house survived 30 years of a fraternity, whats the worse that could happen? On the other hand, by being open with our house and furnishings and truly wanting to share with others, the multitude of friendships that have developed as a result are more than rewarding to encourage us to continue.


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