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Growing bananas in Kansas

Banana trees grew very well this past summer-the neighbors tell me better than most years and as a result, we have some baby bananas racing against our first frost to fully mature in our garden area. I don't know how long the full maturity takes for a banana nor what 60 degree days coming this next week will do vs the recent 80-90 degree days but I am guessing we might currently be seeing them in their top form-and not quite grown. The place where the bananas have been most successful, is in front of a dark brick wall that faces east. The theory is they stay alive outdoors through the winter because of the micro climate that is formed by the sun striking the brick and the resulting heat that is retained, Since the trees have done so well this year and baby banana tress are shooting up through the soil, we will keep a few trees in a heated garage this winter to see if they will do better than the ones left outside. I have given away some of the baby trees and have more if anyone would like one. Perhaps if this trend continues, a new legend challenging Johnny Appleseed might be named-Bradley Bananabunch..........................................................


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