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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Last week Susan gave a talk at ESU on food literacy. Her background in nutrition and years of working with food in various capacities has allowed her to understand good food choices better than many. She was asked to help with development of a new program at ESU to help educate students about their choices in the selection and preparation of food. Within our commitment to providing guests with a quality experience when they stay with us or have an event catered by us, I realized we are doing more than we talk about for our visitors through our selection and preparation of food and thus should be willing to share some of the thoughts behind some of the food choices we are making for them. While I was thinking about this issue, I found the following: It is an abbreviated version of a 1743 quote in The Life and Times of Ben Franklin; "All new-discovered plants, herbs, trees, roots, & etc., their virtues, uses methods of propagating them.....Improvements of vegetables juices, as ciders, wines & etc. New methods of curing or preventing disease with all philosophical experiments that let light into the nature of things, tend to increase the power of man over matter, and multiply the conveniences or pleasures of life". I think ole Ben was on to something almost 300 years ago that we continue to sort though today on our guests behalf to "let the light into the nature of things". Come visit us and lets eat!!


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