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One of the realities that greeted us soon after starting the Gufler Mansion business was the work, the never ending work. Yes, we thought about it during the pre "dreaming before purchase part" but but facing the beast didn't happen until later and we started looking for help. Susan has a partiality towards student athletes (she has coached, played or refereed most all traditional sports-including boxing - watch your lip) so we began our search for student athletes who wanted part time work (and lots of left over treats from Susan's kitchen) through hosting dinners for various teams and meeting (screening) for workers. Many have come through our doors to work and as a result, we have worked with several young student athletes and they have been delightful to get to know and a big help towards our need for clean. Although we wanted workers, we also gained friends and one of the latest and greatest has been Maria. She has been with us for a couple of years, lived with us the last year and will be leaving for graduate school next month. Heres our favorite Maria watching our wedding with Gia, one of our granddaughters waiting to make her entrance:

Probably the less I say the happier Maria will be with this post but I want to say she works harder than any three people and is a wonderful human being who stole both our hearts and we will miss her terribly while she is away at school. `I say away at school because there has been a couple "pinky swears" that she will return. We are keeping the light on..........................


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