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Help arrives.....

One of the joys of our Gufler Mansion experience is our interaction with college students as workers in the mansion. After over three years of serving overnight guests and hosting a myriad of different events, we can look back and see we have depended on our college student team members throughout. Without all the support, Susan and I would of been overwhelmed with all the required work and I would guess we would not be enjoying our hosting experiences as we are today. While the team is getting the work done and students come and go, we have found many friendships we would never of had the opportunity to develop and we hope those friendships continue for many years to come.

Yesterday was "game day" for ESU as the first football game of the season was played last night so we had a team picture of just some of our college friends taken in front of the mansion.

Football, softball, dance team/nursing school, cheerleading, women's basketball and our intern from the business department joined us on the front steps for this picture. Hailey, our full time cottage resident, took the picture for us. I will see if we can get another opportunity for a team picture as several other team members were in class and unable to join this first attempt. You might also notice our ESU/Gufler Mansion T shirts were just unveiled with Susan modeling hers on the first row.

Thanks to everyone for being great additions to the ESU student body and working with us on the Gufler Mansion team. We appreciate you all.


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