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Wedding on the front lawn

Our first wedding on the front lawn took place this weekend. The bride was able to get dressed and "decorated?" (I believe that describes what happens in the bridal suite but boys aren't allowed in so I am guessing) then gracefully descend the wide steps from the second floor, through the front door onto the front steps. The bridal party was able to enter the ceremony from either side and walk down the front steps and get into the position you can see in the picture. This ceremony in the front of the house is only one of many outdoor weddings we have hosted. The courtyard east of the mansion has been the usual location but there have been many different ways couples have used that space as well. Susan and I, (who chose an east facing ceremony in the courtyard for our wedding) both love hosting weddings with some vicarious experience of lovingly revisiting our own. We also are prideful that our home gets to be in the background of so many wedding pictures that we know will be shared with countless others over the years to come. Maybe some day I will be sitting on the front porch shouting "stay off the lawn" but for today, we welcome everyone to join us on the lawn and share a memorable life experience.


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